Our “Fee Free” Services

As your broker, we provide the following services and support to your company at no additional cost:

·         Research and analyze client’s groups benefits needs and physician networks.

o        Review current plans and level of satisfaction.

o        Determine key person’s objectives.

o        Collect census.

·         Survey the marketplace for appropriate plans and carriers.

o        Analyze the available carriers and plans.

o        Check that key person’s physicians are in proposed network.

·         Present plan alternatives that meet client’s benefits and budgetary needs.

o        Prepare presentation.

o        Explain plan differences.

·         Define eligibility.

o        Explain the requirements for group coverage.

o        Acceptable waivers.

o        Participation requirements.

·         Prepare master application, supporting documents and employee enrollment.

o        Group Application which defines the terms of the plan.

o        Eligibility documents supplied by group and included with the application.

o        Employee enrollments completed by employees defining their status and named dependants.

·         Educate employees about their plan.

o        Install the plan upon acceptance by the carrier.

·         Support your client’s employee benefits and HR needs.

o        Be available to respond to questions regarding the plan, claims and eligibility.

o        Keep clients ahead of the curve by notifying them of changes in laws—issues that will directly impact their businesses.

o        Provide customer support throughout the plan year such as enrollment changes, claims and insurance I.D. cards.

o        Provide support when COBRA issues come up or mini-COBRA needs for less than 20 employees.

·         Help with open enrollment issues.

o        Provide support at open enrollment time with explaining choices and assisting enrollment.

·         Provide documentation such as SPDS when needed.

o        Arrange to provide the documents at inception and for changes in the plan.

·         Facilitate renewal and eligibility verification.

o        Provide explanation of renewal

o        Design plan alternatives in line with budget and priorities.


 10 Union Place , Newton, NJ 07860
Phone: 973-940-1030   Fax: 973-940-1070   Email:


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