Mission Statement

Mission Statement
Our objective is to build a trusting relationship with you, your company and staff, through the initial and ongoing analysis of your business and employee benefits. We will make sure you obtain the best benefit value for your dollar. Our job is to help you protect your income, assets and health. This relationship will allow you to concentrate on the business you know and we will concentrate on the business we know.

We will obtain an understanding of your business so we can improve your cash flow and assist you with your insurance and financial needs. Our experience has helped many of our clients reduce the cost on existing Health & Business insurance policies. We will provide employee benefits by utilizing Sections 105, 125 & 213(d) allowances as well as offer several tools to help improve and maintain your cash flow. Providing additional and improved employee benefits and H R resources can improve employee morale, retain employees and create a more motivated workforce. These benefits can provide a cost reduction to your FICA taxes. We will then move on to your personal and family objectives by putting a wealth management plan in place.

After you have taken advantage of our services, we hope we will become a valuable ongoing resource to you and your company, and you will share your positive experience with your business associates and friends.

Raymond A. Convey

 10 Union Place , Newton, NJ 07860
Phone: 973-940-1030   Fax: 973-940-1070   Email:


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