A Lack of Security

Do you remember when everyone had a job and people donated to the local volunteer Fire company and Ambulance corps?  When we gave our fair share to the church, to the poor, to the various school fund-raisers, for golf outings or for whomever?


Well, we lost our good paying jobs and now we just have enough to pay for the home,taxes, and food for our families. I have to say “No” when I’m asked to contribute because I simply don’t have it anymore, but the two parties in our government are fighting over what they want to keep as fund-raisers.

They do not get it, we can’t afford to give to their fund-raisers! They must do what we are forced to do; identify what is necessary then move on. We can no longer run our government on a credit card! They must learn to  run it like us- balancing our check book each month and then if there is money left over give it to those who need it the most- to those who have paid their taxes and now want to retire. Why do we still have a ceiling ($106,800) on when they stop taking out social security taxes? In the world we live in no matter how much you make, you should pay Social Security Tax. Maybe then those who make more will be appreciated because they will contribute more to all of us when we retire!


About balancefinancialgroup

Ray Convey (BBA, MBA) - Has an undergraduate degree in Business Administration, a Graduate Degree in Finance and a Certificate in Global Economics from Harvard Graduate School. He served as a Senior Vice President in charge of Consumer Lending for Chemical Bank NJ and as President of Chatham Savings. He holds licenses for Life, Health, Accident, Sickness, Property and Casualty.
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